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  • Q&A with GB Marathon Runner Scott Overall

    Posted by awooga   |   December 1, 2014

    With the 2015 season approaching and Olympic qualification races within the next 12 months…

  • Your Local Family Physiotherapist

    Posted by awooga   |   November 14, 2014

    Our new video gives you an idea of what we get up to and what’s on offer at Physio & Therapy London. Available...

  • Five Muscles Runners Need

    Posted by awooga   |   April 17, 2014

    Five muscles runners don’t realise they use when they run The Multifidus 4.What’s the best exercise to perform to strengthen it (giving number...

  • Gluteus Medius

    Posted by awooga   |   April 1, 2014

    Do Runners overlook this muscle? In clinic every week I treat a variety of runners – ranging from 5K strollers to more serious...

  • Marathon MOT

    Posted by awooga   |   March 30, 2014

      Consisting of: Scientific gait analysis – learn more about your running technique, watch a video of yourself and receive vital tips on...

  • Marathon Taper Tips

    Posted by admin   |   March 30, 2014

    Why would a Physio be getting involved in one of the great debates on what is essentially a training issue? Firstly, this Physio...

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