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Physio & Therapy Q&A GB Marathon Runner Scott Overall
Dec 2014
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images_07With the 2015 season approaching and Olympic qualification races within the next 12 months…

what sort of training are you doing this a November/December?




images_13Having run the Berlin marathon at the end of September, I am just building back into my running and may do a few races before the end of the year. Where and when I race next year will depend on when the qualifying window opens for the marathon qualification for Rio 2016. I have to plan my marathons working back from Aug 2016, where hopefully I’ll be racing a marathon in Brazil!


images_07How much time if any do you take off over Christmas?



images_13I won’t be taking any time off over the festive period, just means you can eat more! I will be training everyday, building into the marathon phase of training in the new year.



images_07What’s your favourite pre race meal?



images_13I don’t think anyone can have a ‘favourite’ pre race meal at 5am in the morning, as that’s when I’m eating breakfast because the marathon start times are always quite early in the morning! I just keep it simple with some toast, tea and a banana. The night before it would be anything that involves pasta, chicken pesto is a good one.


images_07What’s your favourite pre training food?



images_13The question should be favourite POST training food, as that always tastes better! In which case it would be Mimmo’s cafe in Teddington, large tea and a chicken club sandwich!



images_07What advice would you give to youngsters starting out in your sport?



images_13Play football, more money. You should play sport as long as you enjoy it, once you stop enjoying what you’re doing you’ll end up hating the sport you once loved.



images_07Do you intend to continue running recreationally in years to come when you retire from international sport – if so what events would you target? Parkrun/marathon/masters track



images_13I don’t plan on running at all once I have retired from international sport. I think I will have had enough of running by then, I definitely won’t be 60 years old running the Parkruns (not that there is anything wrong with that, just not for me). Perhaps I can get as big as Paul?


images_07How often do you have physiotherapy sessions?



images_13I have physio between once and twice a week. It is important to make sure things are good with the amount of mileage I am running, and also to prevent injuries which seem to occur more often the older I get!


images_07How often do you have a sports massage?


images_13I try and get massage at least once a week, and also use a foam roller most days.



images_07What do you consider to be the most important aspect of your lifestyle outside of actual training (eg nutrition, psychology, Physio/massage)?



images_13A combination of massage and physio I think are the most important things, without these I would have endless niggles and wouldn’t be able to train as hard as I do. Taking the time to get massage, even if it is just self massage, can stop anything flaring up and cause weeks of not running.


images_07What would you be doing now if you weren’t an athlete – ie what would your chosen career path be and will you ultimately do this once you hang up your trainers?



images_13I honestly wouldn’t have a clue what I’d be doing now if I wasn’t an athlete, I’ve been doing this full time since I left university so I don’t know anything else! I do have a degree in Economics, what can I do with that?


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